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Key Videos

  • Pete Misangyi of Ford on fuel savings using ILSAC GF-5 engine oils
    Minoru Yamashita of Toyota discusses plans to use 0W-20 to improve fuel economy
  • Jeff Jetter of Honda discusses plans to use 0W-20 and perhaps 0W-10 in the future
    Jim Linden of GM discusses the success of the Sequence VID Consortium
  • Ron Romano, Ford Motor Co
    Tracey King, Chrysler LLC
  • Matt Snider, General Motors
    Hannah Murray, Toyota Motor Co
  • Dr. Ewa Bardasz on Ford Taxi Cab Field Trials
    The design of a modern emission system
  • Trident H-E-I Technology
    HyperZDP System
  • ILSAC GF-4 and GF-5 Spider Diagram
    Views on the Clean Air Act